Wolfsburg, the 26.of April 2003




The Red Munichs Culture-Club proudly presents



The one and only legendary


„Valentin - Musäum“











Dear friends of higher culture and good taste,


after our last culture-events were so interesting and successful, will we now visit the next highlight of Munich (capital of Bavaria), the “Valentin Museum”.

Mr. Valentin was one of the most famous comedians of Munich and his partnerin Liesl Karlstadt was also very funny. You can see such interesting things like the telephone from the book-binder Wanninger etc. there.

The museum lies in the heart of Munich at the famous Isar-Goal. We meet us there at Saturday, the 3rd of may, at 11 o’clock and make a nice round-gang through the exhibition. The biggest tourist attraction of Munich, the Hofbräuhaus, is also not far away from there, and if you want can you there drink Bavarian beer out of mass-jugs after the museums visit. Another very exciting event on that day is the Bundes-League match between the local club FC Bayern Munich and the 1.FC Kaiserslautern, the underdogs from the province. Under soccer experts, this match is also called the “south hit”. Although the olympic stadium already sold out is, you may have the chance to get a ticket on the black market if you have a little bit lucky (watch out for people from Wuppertal).


With best wishes, the culture representative of the Red Munichs